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Mountain Homes
There is nothing more demanding to a residence than that of the harsh climate found in the Northern Mountain Ranges. The design and construction of such a home demands attention like no other. When selecting these services, one should look to experience as a priority.
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Modern Transformation Remodel
The objective is to change the expression of a small dated structure both interior and exterior while maintaining some of the original neighborhood characteristics.
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Craftsman Addition/Remodel
By adding a master suite, powder room, utility closet, and expanding the kitchen and living room made a world of difference to the interior functionality of this home. This design criteria is to optimize the main living space from a small room into a rustic open area.
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Traditional Transformation Remodel
As displayed in the modern example, this project equally took on an overall transformation. This remodel included extending the rear of the home and adding a second story. An excellent selection of finishes complimented this outstanding design.
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This contemporary home was designed and constructed to meet the specifications of its owner. The home received - raving reviews from the community where it is located setting the bar and thus promoted additional works with similar design characteristics to become evident within the subdivision. This 3,200 SF., 4 bedrooms, and 3.5 baths, home quickly became the talk of the town and a design award winner.
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This Remodel, Addition is but one of the 84 remodel and addition projects completed by CDCBuilt.
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Remodel in 3D
Check out our home in 3D. Click here to see 3D Showcase with views Inside, Dollhouse, and Floor Plan.